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Green trees and part of golfcourse

Golf Club App

Golf App

Our new golf app has gone live and fully downloadable on either IOS or Android.

We are delighted to have recently upgraded to the new ClubNet System by Golfgraffix, who are helping bring through a digital era within the course.

To easily get your new Castlereagh Hills Golf Course App on your smartphone and connect, please read the below carefully and follow these simple steps.

It is advisable to update your phone to its latest version in your settings before you commence the download.



1)  If you have an iPhone go to the App Store and download ClubNet.

2)  If you have an android device go to the Google Play store and download ClubNet.

3)  Please accept all location services and push notifications.

4)  You will see a selection of golf clubs, select Castlereagh Hills Golf Course.



1)  Select “Don’t Have An Account? Sign Up”.

2)  Enter the necessary fields, first name, last name, email and password.

3)  You will be logged in as a Guest until the clubhouse approve your registration. You will get an email to notify you of the registration approval.

 Have a browse through to familiarise yourself with it.


Have a watch of the tutorial video to downloading the App below if you are having difficulty.